How we work

Our approach yields focused results

Clients come to Fox Resources for assistance with a variety of strategic decisions:

  • Developing target lists of companies
  • Identification of organizational structures
  • Developing and sourcing of prospective candidates
  • Profiling potential candidates for client to interview
  • Competitive Intelligence and current market data
  • Reference and Education verification

Our research project methodology ensures that we develop the answers and insights that help guide clients’ business decisions.

We start by meeting face-to-face with the client team members to understand project objectives and how the client plans to use the research results. We conduct interviews throughout the client’s company as necessary to gain further insight to the company’s internal situation. We then frame a focused set of research questions and define the project timeline.

Fox Resources researchers then get to work – with a difference.

Our standard practice is to conduct an initial two hour search to develop a data sample, then we bring this back to clients to help them restrategize and refine the research questions. This ensures that we are focused on delivering the best value for the research investment.

We tap the right sources

We know where to look to find answers to our clients’ questions. We mine a variety of industry databases including:

  • Harris InfoSource
  • Hoovers Brand Directory
  • AMA
  • Directory of Associations
  • Lexis/Nexis

All information has a shelf life, and often clients need a more current view than databases can provide. When more is needed, Fox Resources will conduct primary research on the clients’ behalf. We are flexible in our approach and use the combination of tactics that make the most sense for the clients’ needs. These include:

  • Internet research
  • Telephone interviews and surveys
  • In-person interviews
  • Field visits