VP of Executing Staffing for a Fortune 100 Global Company: "Fox Resources has provided us with the most cost effective approach to hiring top talent. For the last 4 years we have grown our company and set a new global strategy with the leading qualified executives from Fox Resources: We have hired Board of Directors, Divisional Presidents, Controllers, VP of Sales, VP of Engineering, VP of Data Management, Director of Human Resources and Vertical Market Managers."

"Fox Resources provided an outstanding group of candidates for a newly created position in our company - Global Pricing Leading. It was Fox Resources who provided the counsel to help us make our decision."

Regional Director of Human Resources for one of the largest global banks: "We entered a new state and needed to staff 48 branches with branch managers, business bankers, personal bankers and tellers. Fox Resources provided quality research of competitors with timely and effective recruiting. We hired 86 individuals within 7 months and cost per hire was lower than our employee referral fee."